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Clever Cutter

Clever Cutter
Brand: Ronan Tools, Inc.
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Everyone needs a shortcut and that's what the Clever Cutter is. The "Original" patented Clever Cutter was designed to make food preparation easier, quicker, and safer, with less mess, by eliminating messy, bulky cutting boards. This unique tool combines a stainless steel kitchen knife with a mini-cutting board and puts them into the palm of your hand. Now you have something truly versatile to use in your food preparation. With the Clever Cutter you can slice directly into your bowl, pan, pot or plate.

The blade of the Clever Cutter is extremely sharp which equates to easy food prep. It's so sharp that it can cut through an avocado, pit and all! Knife blades are rated by their hardness using a rating system called Rockwell testing. Inexpensive knives have a Rockwell hardness rating of 50, midrange are about a 53 whereas the supreme blades are 55-57, the Clever Cutter knife blade has a rating of 57 which translates to a blade that will retain its edge for years without sharpening.

The cutting board is made of a germ & stain resistant material and is compatible with all kinds of foods, it complies with U.S. FDA regulations.

The ergo grip handles allow for amazingly easy squeezing action. Works well for even weak, small hands. Many who had been forced to give up cooking due to arthritic issues have told us that they are now able to resume making their families fresh cooked meals because of the Clever Cutter.

The Clever Cutter is ideal for slicing vegetables, fruit, cheese and meat. It opens wide to slice large items. It speeds up food prep by allowing you to cut entire bunches of asparagus & celery at one time.

This tool is dishwasher safe, keeps germs from building up on your cutting board.

In today's fast paced society, with little time to prepare food that is good for you and your family, the Clever Cutter is your solution. It is also portable and goes anywhere, assuring that everyone can eat healthier. Great for camping, the office, the beach, your kids dorm, road trips, tailgating, RV'ing, picnicking, your mini-bar, the barbeque & for making smoothies

Your Clever Cutter comes with a convenient holder that easily attaches to your knife block so your Clever Cutter is always within reach.