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Multi-Cut Quick Change

Multi-Cut Quick Change
Brand: Ronan Tools, Inc.
Product Code: 501
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The Ronan Multi-Cut Quick Change uses standard utility blades with a quick blade change feature that requires no tools. The Quick Change makes difficult cutting jobs easy. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • The Ronan Multi-Cut Quick Change has a mechanical action different from that of scissors. With Scissors, you're limited to cutting sheets of material, such as paper, fabric and thin plastic.
  • The Ronan Multi-Cut Quick Change has a mechanical action of a razor sharp blade coming down onto a flat plastic anvil. This design, combined with an offset pivot point, gives you incredible cutting ability for cutting thick & rigid materials that have density.
  • With scissors, you're forefinger is forced to do the hard work, which makes cutting more than 1 or 2 items painful and difficult.
  • With the Ronan Multi-Cut Quick Change your entire hand does the work. The grips assist, making ongoing cutting easy & painless.
  • When scissors dull they are rendered useless. When the Multi-Cut Quick Change's blade dulls, it can quickly & easily be replaced with a standard utility blade, conveniently stored in the handle.
  • The fact that replacing blades does not require the use of tools makes changing the blades a snap.
  • As you can see, there is no comparison - The Ronan Multi-Cut Quick Change outperforms the scissors.

Quick change cutting edge = Always razor sharp performance.

Offset pivot point mechanical action = Less effort & greater cutting ability

Anvil style cutting action = Precision cuts with greater control

Ergonomic grips & using entire hand = Make ongoing cutting easy & painless.