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Multi-Cut 301

Multi-Cut 301
Brand: Ronan Tools, Inc.
Product Code: 301
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Secret of the Multi-Cut: The Multi-Cut has a mechanical action different from that of scissors. With scissors you're limited to cutting sheets of material, such as paper, fabric and thin plastic. The Multi-Cut has a mechanical action of a blade coming down onto a flat anvil. This design combined with a razor sharp blade & an offset pivot point gives you incredible cutting ability for cutting thick & rigid materials that have density.

The patented Multi-Cut was originally designed for industrial use to cut thick vinyl trim with precision for the auto industry. Its endless uses were soon evident. The Multi-Cut enables you to cut plastic, linoleum, shrubs, thick leather, all types of hoses, automotive belts, PEX pipe, dowels, hobby & craft items. It finishes the cut against a replaceable, high impact plastic anvil that protects the blade from wear while it prevents splintering and fraying of the item you're cutting.

The Multi-Cut uses industrial rated USA made steel razor blades manufactured to Ronan Tools demanding specifications. Inch graduations are etched into the blade to aid in notching or simple measuring. These special razor blades will last an average of 18 months each and can be easily replaced. In fact, your Multi-Cut comes with 3 extra blades stored in the handle for your convenience. Replacement blades can also be purchased from your dealer so your Multi-Cut will always be razor sharp for precise, easy cutting.

The Multi-Cut has a molded ergo-grip handle that fits both small and large hands to promote comfort and lessen fatigue. The offset pivot point gives you extra leverage, making difficult items easy to cut. It also comes with a safety lock to assure the tool stays closed when not in use. Its black oxide coating resists rust and corrosion. This is an outstanding tool for both the contractor and "do it yourselfer" who needs to cut the tough stuff.

Ronan Multi-Cut comes with a lifetime warranty so you will be able to take care of your cutting needs for many years.